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Here are some comments from people that have participated in an Art Jam.

Fantastic experience, Deirdre, thank you so much. A brilliant way to spend an evening. I got totally lost in the exercise and became completely absorbed in getting in touch with my inner - and very hidden! - artistic side. Very, very therapeutic and great fun. Totally recommend it.

Thora Mackay, UNICEF.

Really enjoyed the evening. Thank you. It's a great idea - hope it goes really well for you. Not having painted since I was in school I would definitely do it again.

Aedeena Pearson, Housewife.

Really enjoyable.

Catriona Byrne, Scientist

Absolutely great fun. Good luck with it.

Sandra O'Connell, Architect.

Great experience watching my thoughts evolve on the canvas- just loved it! It will take pride of place on some wall in my house.

Karen Philips, Housewife.

Wonderful! And telling us to wash the canvas first was great - got us all started and we were moved by the spirit! Great fun...a little of my inner child came out to play tonight. Thanks.

Trish Kenny, Teacher.

I was a bit daunted when I faced the blank canvas at first and didn't know where to start, but then I relaxed and really enjoyed painting again for the first time since school. Had a great night and would definitely do it again. Thanks Deirdre.

Noelle Maguire, Solicitor.