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An Art Jam is the perfect way to celebrate that special occasion and each participant gets to take home the ultimate party gift - their very own masterpiece.

Where Can I Art Jam?

You can hold an Art Jam at home, in the office, in your garden, in a field, on the beach or in your local pub. We will help you find a venue if you do not have one in mind.

What Do I Need?

All you need is 10 or more people to hold an Art Jam. Imagine 10 or more of your friends gathering for an event of unleashed creativity!

We will supply the tools to encourage your mind and hand to release that creativity inside you.

No Stress, Just Fun

Mix your unlimited imagination and unlimited paint and let someone else clean up the mess. Playing, spraying, sponging and creating art in a stress free fun party atmosphere.

Art Jam - Great for Any Occasion

Painting with Art Jam

So whether you just want to hold one for a family get together or a 40th Birthday party or you are looking for some artwork for the walls of your new house (house warming Art Jam party) or even if you just fancy getting some friends together to do something different - whatever the reason then having an Art Jam is the ideal way to celebrate.

How Much Does it Cost?

For more information on pricing and what is involved please view our FAQ page.