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What is an Art Jam?

An art jam is a painting session that lasts approximately 2 hours. It is when a group of ten or more people get together to paint using professional art materials and get to take home their own piece of artwork.

How Does it Work?

An art jam session can take place in any venue of choice arranged by either the client or by us. It can take place in a private house, an office, your local restaurant or pub or even a field!

We provide the easels, canvases, paint, brushes, sponges, spatulas, aprons, and plastic floor covering where necessary. We provide reference books for inspiration and will be on hand to guide you if needed.

We can provide wine and cheese platters if required. All this is set to atmospheric music whether the theme is African Jungle, Arabian Nights, Mellow Yellows, Rock or Acid Jazz - you choose.

How Long Does it Last?

Each art jam lasts approximately 2 hours.

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How Much Does it Cost?

Prices are per person at €35 per person in the County Dublin area and €45 per person outside of County Dublin. (Minimum Group sizes apply Dublin - 10, Up to 2.5 hours from Dublin - 12. Over 2.5 hours from Dublin - 15).

If a charge occurs for venue this is extra and is paid for by the customer.

Where Can We Hold an Art Jam?

You can have an art jam anywhere. Where ever you have the space whether it is in your home, your office of even a park. A lot of artjams take place in pubs/restaurants where there is access to the bar.

You can organise the venue yourself or we can provide you with a list of venues that we have secured for Art Jam Ireland for your party.

If you are organising an afternoon or night out and would like to fill two hours with an Art Jam then we can talk to the venue on your behalf and arrange to be there to facilitate your party.

Please contact us to discuss details on where you can hold your art jam.

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What Should I Wear?

Painting With ART JAM

We would recommend wearing dark clothes and certainly not your best clothes when participating in an art jam.

We use acrylic paints that on canvas will dry to a water resistant finish but can be easily washed off clothes, skin and surfaces.

However some of the darker colours may leave a stain on light coloured clothes.

What is the Benefit of an Art Jam?

Painting has long been recognised for its therapeutic benefits and is widely used in hospitals and alternative therapy centres.

While most people would not be interested in taking an art class, this once off session where you have the chance to try our your creative side in the company of friends or colleagues will leave you feeling relaxed and de-stressed and proud of yourself whilst also enjoying an afternoon or evening out.

The feeling of achievement and well being will be reinforced often with your take home piece of artwork.

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