What is an Art Jam?

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An Art Jam is a group of ten or more people, getting together to experience and explore the fun of painting and the long forgotten joy that comes with that experience.

An Art Jam is mixing unlimited paint with unlimited imagination and letting someone else clean up the mess! Playing, painting, sponging, spraying and creating your very own unique piece of artwork in full colour in a stress free party atmosphere. Putting on an apron to face a blank canvas and unleashing your own individual creativity.

What Do I Need?

ART JAM IRELAND supplies everything you need to get creative for a couple of hours. We provide the easels, canvases, paints, brushes, sponges, aprons. We provide reference books for inspiration and will be on hand to give you guidance if necessary.

Where Can I ART JAM?

One of the best places for an Art Jam is a pub or restaurant where all the participants have access to a bar and can paint away with a glass of wine in one hand and a paintbrush in the other should they so choose.

Enjoy Some Music!

The session will take place with atmospheric music whether it is Rock, Acid Jazz, Slow and Meditative, Salsa or whatever you chose.

How Long Does it Last

Each session last approximately 2 hours.

A Typical Art Jam (for Adults) Would be Set Out as Follows:

  • Meet and greet. Glass of wine
  • Discuss theme / look at reference books
  • Hand out of palettes, aprons, paints
  • Wash Canvas
  • Paint
  • Finish up session and take home your painting

No Cleaning Up Required!

The area will be set up on your arrival and will be cleaned up after you leave. Paintings can be delivered to your home / office the day after if the party participants are continuing on elsewhere.