ART JAM - A Unique Experience

ART JAM IRELAND offers a unique experience. It encourages people to express life, mood, ideas and fancy in full colour using professional art materials and then take home the best party gift ever - their very own masterpiece.

Art Jam offers:

  • A one of a kind activity
  • An environment where no gender, age, language, culture barriers exist
  • An activity where no physical or artistic skills needed - non competitive
  • Meaningful experience - fun and therapeutic


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ART JAM IRELAND offers everyone the chance to explore their creative side, giving participants the chance to go back to their childhood and forget about the stresses of everyday life for a couple of hours.

Get Creative!

A Woman Painting

Remember how you loved to draw or paint as a child? Have you ever seen a child engrossed in the moment when they are drawing or painting? Have you noticed how they switch off to everything else around them and are completely involved in their thoughts evolving on paper?

ART JAM IRELAND aims to bring that feeling back to you, to get you creative so you can once again experience the "being in the moment" feeling.

No rules or artistic skills are needed to participate in an Art Jam. Participants are more often than not surprised and amazed at what they can produce in this fun environment.

It changes people's perceptions of their own creativity and limitations and gives people the chance for unprompted, unconscious, intuitive expression.

Relax and De-stress

Participating in an Art Jam is perhaps one of the most relaxing, de-stressing and therapeutic activities that a person can enjoy - and in fact is even better than a massage!

ART JAM IRELAND's aim is to inspire creativity in everyone both young and old, male and female, giving people the opportunity to explore their creative side in a fun, party type, non-competitive environment.

Where Can I ART JAM?

ART JAM IRELAND operates on "off-site" venues that are either provided by the client or suggested by us. An Art Jam can be held in your local pub, your office, your house, a park, on the beach, local community hall and in fact anywhere at all that will have the space for the numbers participating.

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